Liquid Land

Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

April 2018

Exhibition info to follow...


2017 / Materiality, Lindisfarne Holy Island, Northumberland, UK.
Exhibition and interview documentary:



2016 / Corridor 8 review by Liam McCabe / Polyspace, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.



2016 / POLYSPACE, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne UK -



2016 / Artist in Residence / figuring it , ROAMING ROOM, London, UK.



Peer paper matters issue 1:



2015 / ON VANISHING, The SHED at the Whistle Art Stop, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, UK.



2014 / PEEL Magazine / North-East Visual Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.



2012 / ELEPHANT MAGAZINE: #11 Summer 2012 / The Discreet Charm of Video Art, by Margherita Dessanay.

For her videos, Hughes uses a motionless camera placed in front of something that has captured her attention. The camera records what is happening, in a neutral way. 'Video is an extension of my photographic practice, because it allows me to capture the movement in the still', she declares...
'A shadow appearing on a wall is just as significant as some other dramatic event. It's just a matter of realizing the significance of that moment'. Hughes's approach is a contemplative one, very delicate and subtle. Although her practice is based on withdrawal, it nonetheless contains a statement of sorts...
Take your time in front of one of Alexandra Hughes's videos and notice the lively, pervasive richness of silent details.


2010 / A Siobhan Davies Dance commission/ ROTOR 2010



2010 / Arrangements / Solo Exhibition Press Release / Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK.



2010 / AnOther Magazine / Objects of Desire: AnOther 13 - Alexandra Hughes



2010 / TURN, Artists' book edited by Sam Belinfante and Elisabeth S. Clark / Tate Library Collection.



2009 / freshfacedandwildeyed '09 , The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK.

Alexandra Hughes investigates the subtle, momentary and ungraspable in an attempt to highlight overlooked quotidian moments. The work is an immersion into physical phenomena of the most ephemeral kind, reflecting an acute awareness of the silent and ever-changing flux underlying our existence. Understanding that even the most permanent is only seemingly so, Hughes uses photography, video and text to examine the mechanisms of recording and the replaying of a moment in time.


2009 / 7.9 Cubic Metres - Stanley Picker Gallery / Programmed by Eliza Tan / Show 3 - Voids, Corners, Plentifolds: Alexandra Hughes- '17 Hours of a White Wall'

(...) 'The artist has chosen to locate the dimensionality of the white cube through a process of photographing a single wall in Stanley Picker Gallery's Studio 2 over the duration of 17 hours. Beginning from sunrise to sunset, a snapshot was taken every 12.45 minutes, resulting in a series of images which record the subtle colour variations reflected on the chosen wall. Then projected, or in effect, 'replayed' back onto the surface of 7.9 Cubic Metres, the series of rhythmically timed slide projections dramatize and make apparent the colour shifts over the duration....17 Hours of a White Wall (2009), is nonetheless poetic, alluding to ephemerality and residual memory. Where the long duration of collecting and of archiving is juxtaposed against the short duration of exhibition, we are reminded of the long and short durées of historical as well as personal memory. Where we find ourselves perpetually seduced by the beauty of the image, we are reminded to question the fleeting moment of its viewership and consumption...The ‘whiteness’ is in this case, reveals itself as a spatial dimension of speed and of slowness.'